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You can find everything about the planned projects, all the released games and what I offer for commissional work and game assets.
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Check out the latest games by BASS.

Name: Akui
Genre: Adventure
Release Year: 2020
Name: FIUR
Genre: Shooter
Release Year: 2019
Name: 20 Years
Genre: Collector
Release Year: 2018
Name: Curves
Genre: E-Sports
Release Year: 2018
Name: D.O.A.S. Add On
Genre: Platformer
Release Year: 2018
Name: D.O.A.S.
Genre: Platformer
Release Year: 2017
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Detailed and latest news of all ongoing projects.

Currently I am writing on several new game concepts. As soon as one of them sees the light of day, I will provide you with all the details and a development diary.
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What are my offers for your project?

I can support your game or app with a variety of abilities that ranges from concept art, UI and 2D grafics to 3D design. If you have a project that you need support with: drop me a line.

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